Officials to Drivers: Clear Snow From Cars

With winter weather in full force, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has a reminder for drivers: clean snow and ice off your vehicles. 

It is a law in Pennsylvania to remove all snow and ice from your car before heading out on to the roads. Motorists who fail to do so could face fines if any snow or ice falls from their vehicle and causes injury or death to other drivers or pedestrians. Penalties range from $200 to $1,000 for each offense.

“We urge all motorists to clear the snow and ice from their vehicles, not only for their safety, but for the safety of everyone traveling Pennsylvania roadways,” says Craig Shuey, Chief Operating Officer of the PTC.

The Pennsyvlania Snow/Ice Removal Law went into effect in 2006, following the death of Christine Lambert the previous year. 

The 51-year-old Palmer Township woman was killed on Christmas Day 2005 when ice fell from a tractor trailer and broke through the Lamberts' sports utility vehicle.

But some truck drivers say clearing off the tops of their big rigs is difficult.

"It's kinda tough to get on top of there," said John Chaves, a truck driver. 

Trucks' height makes it tough to check for snow, ice or other debris and carrying a ladder is impractical, the drivers say.

"But if you can clean it," Chaves said, "Clean it for safety purposes. If it was my family driving behind one of these big rigs, I would want that snow to be cleared off."

The PTC also reminds drivers of the law requiring headlights to be turned on whenever windshield wipers are in use.  Violators could face fines of $25. 

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