Officers in South Philly Connect with Neighborhood Kids to Make a Difference

In South Philadelphia's 1st Police District, police work is about more than just keeping the peace and locking people up.

It's about being involved in the community and making connections -- especially with the community's smallest residents. First District Capt. Lou Campione said that of the 27 community policing programs the district has, many are geared toward children. The district took to Twitter late last week to showcase some of its officers having fun with neighborhoods kids -- playing basketball, jumping rope and sharing ice cream -- all in a day's work.

Featured in the photos and videos are Officers Lamont Lister, Steve Ricci and Jason Hall.

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Lister last week received a merit award on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day for his work in the community on and off duty. He's also a sergeant in the Army and did a tour in Iraq.

Campione said his officers try to break barriers that sometimes build up between the community and police by connecting with kids and parents, doing work in schools, and by taking kids who have trouble in schools under their wings.

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