Officer Who Hit Woman Will Be Fired

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey will take "Commissioner's Direct Action" against Lt. Jonathan Josey, the Philadelphia police officer who hit a woman during a public event on Sunday.

That means that effective on Thursday, Lt. Josey will be suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss.

Josey was caught on video striking Aida Guzman during a traffic stop on Sunday.

Josey was part of a crowd gathered for festivities after the Puerto Rican Parade and Josey was the commanding officer on the scene.

The video shows Josey right after she sprayed silly string near the officer. Josey was with several other officers involved at the time in a traffic stop. He turns around and hits Guzman, who falls to the ground.

Guzman was quickly handcuffed, led off with a bloody lip by other officers and later charged with disorderly conduct. Those charges were dropped on Wednesday, shortly before we learned that Josey was losing his job.

Guzman's attorney, Enrique Latoison, says his client never asked for the lieutenant to be fired, but what she does want is an apology.

"We want an apology, we want an official apology, a public apology, instead of a no comment during this process," said Latoison.

Guzman and her attorney will meet with Internal Affairs on Thursday, which will be the first time she has talked to police.

Lt. Josey is a 19-year veteran of the department. The highlights of his career include a commendation for shooting a would-be robber who was trying to hold up a convenience store clerk in 2010. Josey was off-duty when he walked in on the robbery. Earlier that same year he was stabbed by two women while breaking up a bar fight between them and another off-duty officer. In 2006, Josey was selected as one of the Sexiest Singles by The Daily News.

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