Officer Saves Baby's Life

Police say a Chester Housing Officer performed CPR on a 6-week-old boy.

A baby boy is alive thanks to the actions of a Chester Housing Police Officer.  

On Friday night, Maria Morales says she was burping her 6-week-old son Luis when he suddenly started vomiting. A few moments later Alexis Morales, the child's grandmother, realized he wasn't breathing.

"I was screaming," said Maria.

The family rushed Luis to the Crozer-Chester Medical Center. As they drove to the hospital, they nearly ran into Officer Jacqueline White who was stopped at a traffic light on 6th and Kerlin Street in Chester.

"It looked like they were about to hit the back of my car," said Officer White. "They were literally trying to get around me." 

The frantic family pulled up next to the officer.

"They stopped and just basically handed me the baby through the window!" said Officer White.

Officer White took Luis and yelled to another officer to call for medics.

She then began to perform CPR on Luis who was not breathing at the time. She got him to briefly start breathing and heard a heartbeat before the baby stopped breathing once again. 

Officer White continued CPR until Luis began to breathe again. It was at this time that the officer claims she noticed it sounded as if Luis had something blocking his airway.

"I continued chest compressions," said Officer White. "It sounded like he had something stuck in his throat. Then I heard him cry and I said 'thank God!'"

Officer White turned Luis back around and kept the baby stimulated by rubbing his feet and chest area. 

EMS then arrived at the location and Luis was taken to a local hospital. The family says Luis is doing well and are thankful for Officer White's help.

"She's an angel," said Alexis.

"So glad I was there," said Officer White. "I'm glad I was able to help them." 

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