Off-Duty Cop Kills Fellow Officers' Son

15-year old's mother and stepfather are police officers.

Update: Police confirmed on Wednesday that they were looking for a 3rd suspect.
The mother of William Smith, the suspect shot dead by the off-duty officer, told NBC10's Monique Braxton that her teenager was left in a pool of his own blood until someone realized he was the son of fellow police officers.

The 15-year old suspect killed Monday by an off-duty Philadelphia Police officer, is the son of two fellow police officers.

William Smith’s mother is a 9-year veteran of the force. She told NBC10 on Tuesday that she was on duty when her son was killed, but that she had to find out about it from a family member. And she wants to know why her son was shot multiple times.

Homicide Captain James Clark said the shooting justified, and also under investigation. He said there did not appear to be anything controversial from the department’s point of view.

The shooting happened Monday afternoon. The off-duty officer, whose name has not been released, witnessed another shooting at Broad and Chew Streets in the Fern Rock section of the city. A man was shot in the leg. The two suspects took off in a car and the off duty officer chased them.

The chase went south on Broad Street to Duncannon, where police say Smith and another suspect, 18-year old Marcus Powell, got out of their car.

Powell was arrested. Police say Smith took off on foot and the off-duty officer followed him. There was a “confrontation” said Clark, and then the off-duty officer shot Smith.

Smith died later in the hospital.

Captain Clark said “It’s a tragedy all the way around. Anytime you have to tell a police officer and let her know her son was shot by another officer.”

Clark said Smith was probably involved in some things his parents didn’t know about.

His mother said he'd been in a fight before, went to court and the case was dismissed. Smith was one of 7 children, triplets and 3 other siblings.

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