Off-Duty Officer Walks in on Burglars Inside His Home: Police

An off-duty officer walked in on two men burglarizing his Philadelphia home, according to investigators.

The officer, who is an 8-year veteran assigned to Philly’s 12th District, entered his home on the 3300 block of Wellington Street at 1:12 p.m. Wednesday. As he walked in he noticed his television was missing, his rear kitchen window was open and his rear kitchen door was ajar. He then heard people moving and talking in his basement.

The officer took out his weapon, approached the basement stairs and announced, “Police.” A man, later identified as Ricky Mosley, 37, then allegedly charged towards the officer with a dark metal object in his hand.  The officer told officials he fired one shot, missing Mosley. Although he wasn’t struck, Mosley still fell down the steps and crashed into the basement wall, officials said. Mosley as well as a second suspect, identified by police as Lynel Henry, 22, then ran out of the rear basement door as the officer chased after them on foot, according to investigators.

As he exited the home and ran after them outside, the officer spotted a van pull away at a high speed, police said. Mosley was later apprehended on the 3200 block of Wellington Street while Henry was captured on Brighton and Hawthorne streets by another off-duty detective, according to officials.

None of the officers were injured during the incident.

Both Mosley and Henry are charged with burglary, criminal trespass, criminal conspiracy, flight to avoid prosecution, theft and other related offenses.

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