The “Octobrawl”

After a massive amount of hype, the heavily anticipated boxing debut of Nadya Suleman, aka the “Octomom” finally took place Wednesday night.

The infamous mother of 14 took on radio personality Jen Posner, of WMGK’s John Debella Show, in a furious, over the top brawl, complete with over-sized boxing gloves.

The raucous crowd at the Pennant in Bellmawr, N.J. showed an overwhelming amount of support for Posner while expressing their disdain for Suleman.

“She’s insane, she’s disgusting, she should be home with her 14 kids,” said one woman.

The Octomom wasn’t without her fans however.

“She went through a lot of childbirth, so I can imagine she’s used to pain,” said Matt Nadu who rooted for Suleman.

The “Battle of Bellmawr” certainly lived up to the hype, with both ladies pummeling each other with massive haymakers. The bout, scheduled for three, one-minute rounds, ended up going four rounds.

In the end though, the conclusion proved to be rather controversial. While two of three judges voted in favor of Jen, the organizer called the bout a draw.

Despite the questionable outcome, Jen was happy with her performance.

“I’m proud of myself,” said Jen. “I mean, look, I had a baby eight months ago, I’m still working down some of that weight. So I was proud just to get in the ring.”

Posner raised money for The Philadelphia Veterans Multi Service and Education Center. Octomom got paid. Suleman didn't say exactly how much, but she did say, “This is going to pay for a lot of groceries,” said the Octomom. “I’m very grateful. I’m trying to work as much as possible to generate income for my kids.”

Prize money for groceries. Only in America.

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