Ocean City Least Depressed, Angry City in US: Poll

Gallup, a national polling company, has collected data over the last three years to come up with their results.

Ocean City, New Jersey welcomes the new year with a shiny, new title – America’s Least Angry and Least Depressed City in America, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

Gallup, a national polling company, collected data through a telephone poll over the past three years, reports the paper, and the data revealed that the Cape May County, which includes the shore town, is pretty darn happy! In fact, they scored lowest in depression and anger out of the 357 areas polled.

“It fits Ocean City perfectly,” Mark Soifer, city spokesperson, tells the Press. “Yesterday on the boardwalk, people were smiling and laughing, saying hello, wishing you a happy new year.”

New Jersey, as a whole, had the lowest suicide rate in 2008 – the same year polling began.

And although being polled the least angry and least depressed city in the nation might make you think Ocean City is the happiest, that honor actually goes to the residents of Casper, Wyoming, reports the paper.

Surprisingly, the unhappiest people don’t live in Philadelphia, they actually reside in Springfield, Ohio.

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