Nutter's Tax-Deadbeat Paying Up

Attorney Robert Gamburg, held up by Mayor Nutter as an example of a tax-deadbeat, has reached an agreement to make due on what he owes the city, thus avoiding a Thursday morning sheriff's sale at his law office.

You may not have remembered him if he hadn’t confronted Nutter in March, following a press conference during which the mayor outed Gamburg as owing back taxes.

"Did you bother to check to see whether or not I'm trying to make payment arrangements with the city?" Gamburg asked Nutter. 

Nutter offered Gamburg a sage piece of advice.

"Just pay your taxes and everything will be fine."

Gamburg has finally come around, putting down 25 percent of the $130,000 he owes and he will pay the rest at 9-percent interest over the next two years, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Apparently not paying your taxes is a family affair. Gamburg’s father, Jerome, is also working on a deal with the city, postponing his own sheriff’s sale for his law office.  He owes the city more than $84,000, the paper reported.

But, defense attorney Joseph Santaguida isn’t so lucky.  He owes the city more than $130,000 in back taxes and his sheriff’s sale is going on as planned Thursday morning.  The contents of his office will be seized.

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