Nutter in Harrisburg: Don't Trash My City

Mayor Nutter is back in Harrisburg today to put pressure on the legislature so that Philadelphia doesn’t become a cesspool of uncollected trash.

Threatening the city with a “doomsday budget” that lays off 3,000 workers and promises infrequent trash collection, among other terrible ideas such as more library closings, Nutter is trying to get the legislature to approve a “penny-per-dollar city sales-tax hike and pension restructuring,” according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

State Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi says that Nutter’s requests to save Philadelphia from trash and illiteracy will be approved, but it may take several weeks for a vote to happen, says the Inquirer.

But a weeks-long wait for a rescue Philly vote hasn’t put city officials at ease. Each month the city goes without legislative action, it loses a chance at $10 million in sales tax.

"This is not tied to the state budget in any way,” said Sen. Shirley Kitchen (D., Phila). “It does not require the Senate to raise any taxes. We are simply untying Philadelphia's hands so that they can make the fiscal decisions that work best for them."

While Nutter is in Harrisburg today, activist groups will be holding a rally at noon to support the legislation.

While Nutter and city officials bring home the point that this vote should happen immediately, Pileggi’s people say that if the lesgilature acts within several weeks, there will be no layoffs or facility closures.

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