Philly Police Use Drake to Say #NoSavesies: ‘Call Them on Your Cellphone'

For Philadelphia residents who spend time shoveling snow out of street parking spaces after the storm that dropped nearly 2 feet on the city, keeping that space from being taken by another person comes down to dropping a strategically placed chair, cone or trashcan.

But if you play the #GameofCones you could be fined. Philadelphia Police used Drake's "Hotline Bling" to remind people #NoSavesies.

"You need to call us on your cellphone, late night when you see that cone," says a monotone voice as Drake dances with orange cones. "Call us on your cellphone, that parking spot's not yours to hold..." [[366186901, C]]

The practice, popular in some Philly neighborhoods where street parking is scarce. is both illegal and some would say, plain old unfair, but it can also cause a potentially dangerous confrontation.

"Folks - the spot isn't yours, and saving it is against the law," said Philly Police. "Don't fight and argue with your neighbors - if you see an offending spot saver, call 911 and the PPD will swing by and check it out."

The humorous response to #NoSavesies wasn't lost on police.

"Since we are a totally hip police department, and as such, we know that the kids like the Drake, we made this neat video that you can share with them! Now, it's easy for young kids everywhere to get the message that when it comes to holding parking spots on public streets, Philadelphia is a ‪#‎NoSavesies‬ city!"

Fun aside, residents might want to think twice about putting that chair out there -- or at least think twice about using anything expensive to reserve a space.

Philly Police say officers can, and will, confiscate any item used to reserve a parking space on a city street.

So, when it comes to sharing, neighbors in the city might want to take a little advice that Olney's Amir Goodwin gave to NBC10 a couple of years back.

"You want good to come in your life, you gotta do good. People should just be nice and share," he said.

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