Northern Liberties

Money Flies as ATM Explosion Rocks Northern Liberties

Neighbors in the area of The Piazza in Philadelphia's Northern Liberties section said they heard a few loud booms and saw a group of people fleeing the scene in a car

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What to Know

  • Money was left on the ground after a group of thieves blew up a Wells Fargo ATM in Philadelphia's Northern Liberties nieghborhood.
  • Neighbors said they heard a series of booms early Wednesday morning. They then saw the suspect fleeing in an SUV.
  • Dozens of ATM blasts have rocked Philadelphia over the past year.

A group of people could be seen fleeing from the scene after thieves targeted an ATM with explosives, jolting people awake in Philadelphia's Northern Liberties neighborhood overnight. The thieves left some cash on the ground outside of The Piazza complex.

A group of thieves, appearing to be young people, targeted the Wells Fargo money machine along North 2nd Street near Germantown Avenue around 4:15 a.m. Wednesday, neighbors told NBC10.

Neighbors said they were woken up by a loud boom and then heard two more explosions a short time later. At least one neighbor called police as a later blast was heard.

Neighbor Karley Kinbom said she "jumped right out of bed."

She said she saw three young men working together to get the cash: "There was one prying it.. the one was... picking out the money in the bag, the third one kept looking to make sure no cops were coming."

Another neighbor said they heard someone shout, "we got three grand, let's go," then saw a vehicle flee the scene in a white SUV.

Nest surveillance camera footage shared with NBC10 captured the sound of two blasts, the second setting off some sort of alarm afterwards.

Philadelphia police officers arrived a short time later to find cash on the ground.

ATF and Philadelphia police officers could be seen investigating the blast Wednesday morning.

Neighbors say this ATM was struck before as thieves targeted ATMs throughout last summer and spring as dozens of blasts were reported throughout Philadelphia. One of the ATM explosions turned deadly.

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