Strength of High Tide Sends Home Into Bay Near North Wildwood

The intense rush of water during high tide proved to be too much for a home that collapsed into an inlet near North Wildwood early Saturday morning.

The strength of high tide caused the home to collapse and it was sent flowing down the Grassy Sound Inlet near the North Wildwood Bridge.

"We saw a chunk of a house, I assume it was from that house, floating down here. It clipped a deck and crumbled it like it was toothpicks. Unbelievable," resident Mike Daley told NBC10.

Tony Deutsch, who runs the Facebook page WatchTheTramcarPleasedotCom, told NBC10 the home floated in the inlet several city blocks.

“I’ve been here for Irene, I’ve been here for Sandy. The winds aren’t as strong as they were for Sandy, but the wave action is just as strong as it was for Sandy and Irene,” Daley said.

The home, which was originally in the north end of the community, is now on the south side.

"This is what we live with. This is part of our package. We get the good times and we get the bad times, but it’s a great place to be down here," Daley added.

There were no reports of any injuries.

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