Quick-Moving Nor'easter to Drop Heavy Rain While You Sleep

A quick-moving Nor’easter will drop rain on the area while most of you sleep overnight.

"Sleep a little late and you'll miss the whole thing," quipped NBC10 First Alert Weather chief meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz.

The storm looked impressive as it moved northeast toward the Philadelphia Region Friday afternoon.

"You can see the circulation so that's a pretty well-defined storm," said Glenn.

The storm is expected to move into the area around 7 p.m. in some areas and as late as 9 p.m. or later in other parts of the region.

"Once it starts raining it will be a steady rain," said Glenn.

But the threat of the storm will be diminished because of its speed and warmer temps.

"It's moving so fast it may be totally out of here by tomorrow morning," said Glenn.

The biggest threat for any significant impact from the storm appeared to be along the coast.

"There's going to a quick burst of wind at the Shore... but because you don't have a long duration of the winds you're going to have less of a threat of wind damage or coastal flooding," said Glenn.

Temps should remain above freezing for most of the area throughout the duration of the nor’easter but the mountains could see a little bit of snowfall toward at the end of the storm.

"Of course if it was colder it would be a hell of a snowstorm," said Glenn.

Once the rain moves out, expect clouds to stick around with the chance of some afternoon sun as winds pick up later in the day as temps push above 50 again.

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