No Entry Allowed for Resident Voters

Residents can't vote at polling place on their own property

Haverford Rehab and Nursing Center was a hot, polling spot for voters on Election Day. Well, that is, for voters who didn’t live there.

Tuesday morning, 110 residents of the rehab and nursing center found out they could no longer cast their vote essentially in the comfort of their own home.

Instead, dozens in wheelchairs had to be transported to a school a couple miles away and a judge had to be brought in to oversee voting for those who are immobile.

“They just draw the line, that’s it. They don’t think about people, they just think about numbers,” one voter said.

Why? It was all decided in a recent court ordered redistricting by Haverford Township Commissioners, Delaware County officials said.

Despite the inconvenience, one resident kept her spirits high.

“I voted and that’s all that matters.”

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