No Special Treatment for Sandusky in Jail

Sandusky could get out of jail today. His attorney told reporters they prepared for this and will be able to post bail.

The warden of the Pennsylvania jail holding Jerry Sandusky on additional child sex-abuse charges says the facility is following standard procedure with the former Penn State assistant football coach -- no special treatment.

If things go as well as Sandusky's attorney says they planned for, then Sandusky could get out of jail later today.

"We're working on posting bail," Joe Amendola, Sandusky's attorney said Wednesday after Sandusky's arraignment. "We anticipated this, so we did a lot of the preliminary paperwork to be prepared for this eventuality."

Centre County Correctional Facility Warden Edward DeSabato says Sandusky currently has his own cell in an area of the facility where new prisoners are evaluated for 48 to 72 hours. He says officials typically take the time to determine the level of security needed for new prisoners.

Sandusky was still in custody Thursday morning. Unable to post his $250,000 bail late Wednesday, Sandusky was jailed immediately after his hearing on new charges based on claims of two new accusers -- Victim 9 and Victim 10.

Sandusky was rearrested Wednesday and led out of his home in handcuffs. His attorney claimed it was all a spectacle put on by prosecutors, that Sandusky had agreed to turn himself in if any new charges were filed.

If and when he is released, Sandusky will have to wear an electronic monitoring device.

Sandusky, 67, now faces criminal accusations from 10 young men and 52 charges stemming from alleged assaults over 15 years. He will be back in court next Tuesday, December 13, for a preliminary arraignment on all ten cases.

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