No Slop Sloppy Joes for AC Students

Lunch ladies use cheese sandwiches as weapons of mass punishment

In the words of Adam Sandler, "No student can escape the magic of Lunch Lady Land.” This holds true for students under the reign of cafeteria workers’ punishment for a food fight at Atlantic City High School this week.

Cheese sandwiches were the only items on the lunch menu for high school students Wednesday and Thursday. The two pieces of bread with one slice of orange-colored cheese cuisine was the only offering at the cafeteria as retribution for a cell-phone-coordinated food fight that broke out recently.

Parents were outraged.

“It’s a prison meal,” Bridgitte Reid, a parent of one high school student, told the Press of Atlantic City. “They can’t do this.”

Reid stormed the cafeteria and seized one of the sad sandwiches as evidence of the “crime.”

District Superintendent Frederick Nickles first told the Press of Atlantic City that he knew nothing about the use of cheese sandwiches as a punitive weapon. He said they were only used to feed kids who have nothing to eat for lunch on any given day.

Nickles later reneged on his statements, saying that the sparse menu was a common punishment for food fights.

“It’s been the policy of the school board for many years that if there is a food-throwing incident, what occurs is we will supply the basic food requirement,” Nickles said. “It’s been effective over the years.”

Nickels said that the lunch period that engaged in the food fight was the only one denied their hoagies and grinders.

“Why should my student be forced to eat this?” Reid said. “There’s nothing on this. No mayo, no nothing. It’s disgusting.”

The regular lunch menu, which may or may not include navy beans, will be served to all students today.

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