No More Flight Delays, Deal with the Noise

FAA Flying High after Courts Reject Lawsuits

Wondering why there seem to be more delays at New York, Newark, N.J., and Philadelphia airports than anywhere else you go? We just happen to be the most congested airspace in the country.

But because of a federal court’s rejection of a group of lawsuits complaining of a possible increase in noise, our jet routes are on their way to change, modernization, and smooth sailing (or, you know, flying) in the near future, according to the Associated Press.

The Federal Aviation Administration’s plan to alter the paths airliners use around major airports in Philadelphia, New York and Newark, N.J., is closer to fruition after a federal court in Washington decided a group of lawsuits against the plan had no merit. The lawsuits came from residents in several states that complained the new routes would expose them to more aircraft noise.

The change in jet routes are supposed to help reduce flight delays throughout the northeast.

The residents plan to appeal.

If the noise bothers them, maybe they should hop on a plane for a peaceful vacation. At least they’ll be assured the plane will arrive on time.

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