No Dough–South Philly Bakery Closed for Good?

Potito’s Bakery on Ritner Street was a fixture for sweet-tooth aficionados for nearly 25 years -- that was until recently when the bakery closed -- possibly permanently.

The actual fate of the beloved bakery really isn’t known. Are they -- as a sign outside says -- “closed for renovations?” Or is the bakery up for sale, the ownership on vacation or just closed forever?

On behalf of amazing cookies, delicious shortcakes, decorated sports cakes and other delectable sweets, NBC Philadelphia did some digging to try and solve the mystery.

The windows at 1614 W Ritner St. were covered in paper and the front doors were chained shut. The only clue to the future of the bakery was a small sign in one window that said they were only closed for renovations.

We would believe that the pastry bakery would reopen soon.

“Potito’s is closed for good,” said a South Philly baking rival.

They tried to sell but had no luck, the source said.

Fans of the bakery went to the net to try to find out what happened to the pastry mecca.

“Does anyone know the truth about the status of Philadelphia's BEST bakery? It was closed when I stopped by last week. I thought it was just vacation time but there are rumors that they are out of business. I called today -- the phone has been disconnected,” wrote Yelp user Chris P.

We also called Potito’s phone number and it was true -- the automated message said the number was disconnected and “no further information is available.”

Maybe the bakery Web site would have a message about the closure. Nope -- there was just some history about the owner Maria Potito and her childhood connection to the South Philly location.

The owner herself should have the answer, right?

We tried multiple numbers to reach Potito but we were only able to leave a message on one line. Our phone call was never returned.

So the mystery of the shuttered pastry haven will remain unsolved for now. For the sake of sweet tooths around the area let’s hope that Potito’s isn’t gone for good.

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