NJ's 2 Princetons to Become One?

Commission calls for Township and Borough to merge

A local commission is recommending that New Jersey's Princeton Township and Princeton Borough merge into one town.

Its name would be simply "Princeton." The Times of Trenton reports that members of a commission formed by the two municipalities want to put the union on the November ballots.

They've been down that path before. Voters have shot down the merger three times before, most recently in 1996.

The contiguous affluent communities are both home to parts of the most famous Princeton -- Princeton University.

The borough is an old-fashioned town and home to most of the campus, with a population of about 12,300.

The township next door has office parks and big modern homes. According to data from the 2010 Census, the population is 16,256.

Median household incomes for both municipalities top $105,000.

As government budgets tighten, there's a renewed push for New Jersey's 566 municipalities to share services, or even merge.

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