NJ Taxpayers “Ill” Over Sick Leave Payouts

Gov. Christie plans to go head to head with Democrats for failure to reconsider two bills -- sick leave payouts and civil service rules -- that he conditionally vetoed.

Gov. Chris Christie will tell municipal officials that New Jersey taxpayers are feeling ill over
the Legislature's inaction on sick leave payouts and civil service rules.

Christie plans to take the Democratic-controlled Legislature to task for not reconsidering two bills he conditionally vetoed during an address Thursday in Atlantic City.

The Associated Press obtained excerpts of the governor's remarks before the speech.

One bill disallows public workers to cash out large amounts of accumulated sick days at retirement. The other updates civil service rules.

Christie rejected the Democrats' versions of both bills, saying they aren't strong enough.

The Democrats' sick leave bill capped payouts at $7,500.

Christie says it would cost taxpayers $3.25 billion if all 434,000 state and local employees retired with the full sick leave payment.

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