NJ Senator Wants the US to Go Green

He's hoping other states can be as green as Cherry Hill.

U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez is hoping other places can become as green as one of the nation's
archetypical sprawling suburbs.

The New Jersey Democrat announced Thursday that he intends to introduce what he calls a Sustainable States Act this fall.

The bill is based on a Sustainable Jersey program.

States would be able to get federal grants to certify green programs, while towns would get awards for being deemed green by their state governments.

Menendez announced his plans in Cherry Hill, a suburb of 71,000 just east of Philadelphia. It was developed mostly after World War II as a car-friendly place with single-family homes on comfortable lots and one of the nation's first indoor shopping centers.

Cherry Hill's government has used programs from recycling to solar panels to be greener.

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