NJ Mayor Says Threats Force Him to Pull Out of Race Late

Galloway Township Mayor says that he pulled out of the race, too late for the Republican Party to replace him on the ballot, because he and his family have been threatened

The Mayor of Galloway Township is pulling out of his re-election race, saying that anonymous groups have “threatened, harassed and intimidated” him, his family and his business.

“I can no longer tolerate the political games, dirty tricks, rumors and back-stabbing that is so prevalent today. The toll it has taken on my family, friends and business is no longer worth it,” Mayor Keith Hartman wrote in an email to the Press of Atlantic City.

Hartman’s last-minute decision has huge repercussions for the Republican Party in the mayoral election, as now they will have no candidate in the race.

Hartman just missed the 4:30 p.m. Tuesday deadline for notifying the Atlantic County Board of Elections that he was dropping out of the race, and because of that the Republican Party will not be able to put another Republican on the ballot, reports the Press of Atlantic City.

Hartman said in July that he would be running for re-election without the support of the Galloway Township Republican League, after he lost its support by telling the media he did not consider himself a Galloway Republican, reports the Press of Atlantic City.

The Atlantic city Prosecutor’s Office has been given information about the alleged threats, and a spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office told the Press of Atlantic City that they don’t confirm or deny investigations into this.

This is not the only recent town controversy. Less than a week ago township clerk Lisa tilton filed a $3 million lawsuit against 10 township officials, reports the Press of Atlantic City.

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