Dog Kept in Horrific Conditions: NJSPCA

A Deptford Police officer discovered an American Bulldog covered in fleas and its own feces, nearly starved to death. The dog's owner is now facing charges.


An American Bulldog named Hercules was discovered in the basement of a Wenonah Borough home locked in a small crate in horrific conditions, according to Rick Yocum, president of the New Jersey SPCA.

A Deptford Police officer responded to a complaint at the Vassar Road home of Roxanne Notaro on April 3rd. Hercules was found in the crate covered in his own feces and urine and littered with fleas, according to Yocum. As a result of the flea infestation, the dog was also anemic.

More disturbing, said Yocum, was how malnourished and dehydrated the dog was.

He was literally skin and bones with little or no muscle mass, said  Yocum.

Hercules was removed by Gloucester County Animal Control and given emergency medical treatment at Delaware Valley Veterinary Hospital.

Hercules is currently in foster care and is receiving several small meals a day to build his strength and weight, said Yocum. The dog will require surgery to its elbow.

Notaro is charged with six counts of animal cruelty.

The NJSPCA is asking for donations to help pay the medical bills associated with Hercules' care and the upcoming surgery.

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