NJ Beaches Named 2nd Rudest in U.S.

Does your ideal day at the beach involve blasting music from your boom box in a drunken stupor while using the sand as your personal trash bag? Well according to a recent poll, you’re part of the problem.

TripAdvisor released its annual beach and pool etiquette survey last Tuesday. According to the website, more than 1,100 U.S. travelers named New Jersey as the home of the second rudest beaches in America, right behind New York and right above Florida.

74% of the people polled say that people often violate some form of beach or pool etiquette while 26% claim that they’ve asked a stranger to stop behaving rudely at the beach or pool.

And the top three rudest beach behaviors according to the poll? Blasting loud music, public intoxication and littering.

So is the rest of America right in calling NJ beach dwellers rude? Or is Shore beach etiquette just one of those “Jersey things” that clueless out of towners will never understand? You be the judge.

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