NinetyNine's Mayoral-Race Quotes-of-the-Day Quiz

There is quite a bit to examine 11 Tuesdays before voters go to the mayoral-primary polls.

So much, in fact, that we here at NinetyNine have decided to present the money quotes from today's stories (both published and publish-pending) in quiz form. (Don't worry, the answers are tucked away down below in italics.)

Your answer options: candidate Anthony H. Williams, candidate Nelson Diaz, WHYY's Dave Davies, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey and One Step Away newspaper vendor Taluiba. That's five names for six quotes. So, yes, one name is repeated.

Good luck!

The quotes

1) "We're going to keep the city open 24/7 so millennials can party whenever they want to. You study all night, work all day, you want to get out there."

2) "Nothing is going to get done if we keep closed mouths and closed hearts."

3) "I would suggest they sit down and talk to me ... so they understand what it is that we do. Terry stops, Terry v. Ohio, should be done consistent with current Constitutional guidelines. And call it what you will, but I think it's important that they know what we do, and what the legal requirements are. Anything outside of the legal requirements should not be done. I agree with that."

4) "This will be a chance for the candidates to show some of their policy range and talk not just about their own ideas, but to respond to the specific policy agenda for this coalition of more than 100 groups."

5) "I was thinking like a judge — 'Let's let someone stop us' — and nobody stopped us."

6) "[I hope] that whoever sits on the [School Reform Commission] doesn't think about district public schools and charter public schools as opponents, and looks for ways to help all schools."


1) Diaz. 2) Taluiba. 3) Ramsey, talking to WHYY's Bobby Allyn re: Mayor Michael Nutter's stop and frisk policy; story coming to NewsWorks later today. 4) Davies re: tonight's Next Great City mayoral forum. 5) Diaz. 6) Williams.

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