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Newspaper Accuses Eagles Employee, Radio Host of Cheering Victor Cruz Injury

From booing Santa Claus to pelting baseball players with batteries, Philly sports fans don’t exactly have the most stellar reputation. Yet the latest accusation of bad etiquette has led to some fans claiming they were unfairly criticized.

After the Eagles dominated the Giants in a 27-0 shutout victory Sunday night, the New York Daily News posted a story claiming an Eagles staff member as well as 97.5 the Fanatic Sports Talk Host Mike Missanelli cheered when Giants receiver Victor Cruz injured his patellar tendon.

The newspaper posted a photo of the employee pumping his fist as Cruz was on the ground as their front page photo. They also showed a screenshot of a tweet Missanelli posted moments after Cruz went down which read, “Hey Giants fans: Victor Cruz is over. Dance to that.”

After getting backlash from both Giants and Eagles fans, Missanelli deleted the tweet and then explained himself:

As for the Eagles employee, he claimed he was merely cheering the fact that Cruz dropped the pass and didn’t initially know he was hurt. Once he realized Cruz was injured, the employee said he stopped cheering, got on his knees and prayed for Cruz. NBC10 obtained video showing the employee as well as several Eagles players on their knees in prayer as medical staff checked on Cruz. 

CSN Philly’s John Clark also denied allegations that other fans at the Linc were cheering Cruz’s injury.

“I was there in the press box,” Clark said. “The Linc cheered when Cruz dropped the ball. Then when fans saw Cruz down in serious pain the Linc went quiet. They cheered him as he was carted off. It was very classy.”

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