New Mural Honors Fallen Police Officer

A new mural honors the memory of fallen Philadelphia Police Officer Chuck Cassidy.

His family helped dedicate the artwork Wednesday night at the Penn Crisp Gym on Academy Road in Northeast Philadelphia, almost seven years after his death. The mural features a colorful close-up of Cassidy and celebrates his service to the community as an officer for 25 years.

In October of 2007, Cassidy was checking in on a Dunkin Donuts shop at Broad and 66th Avenue when he walked in on a robbery. He was shot in the head.

Cassidy died from his injuries the next day.

Lewis Jordan, 27, was convicted of first degree murder for the shooting.

Jordan was sentenced to death by a Philadelphia jury and his execution warrant was signed by Governor Corbett in April 2014.

He was scheduled to be put to death on June 18 but his execution was put on hold, while he pursues appeals on the federal level.

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