Eye on Safety: New Jersey Transit Buses Buses to Get 360-Degree Cameras

With an eye on safety, more than $29 million will be spent on 360-degree camera technology on New Jersey Transit buses.

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New Jersey Governor's Office
Gov. Chris Christie says new 360-degree cameras on every New Jersey Transit bus will keep people on and off the bus safe.
New Jersey Governor's Office
Christie announced Wednesday that $29.1 million was set aside to install the 360-degree cams on 2,500 NJ Transit buses. New buses will come with the technology built in while older buses will be retrofitted, Christie said.
New Jersey Governor's Office
"The cameras will be mounted on all sides of the bus and the driver will then have a screen in their bus that will allow them to see all around the bus as they're operating it and the blind spots that exist," Christie said in video provided by the governor's office.
New Jersey Governor's Office
The safety measure protects people on and off the bus. "What this is going to do is provide greater safety -- first and foremost for the driver and the passengers -- but also, as I said, for the people around them," Christie said.
New Jersey Governor's Office
The “bird’s-eye-view” safety measure will be implemented starting in Fiscal Year 2018, Christie said.
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