New Jersey Township Police Ask for Help in “Put ‘Em in a Coffin” Acts

A New Jersey Township police department is reaching out to citizens for assistance in identifying people who are jumping on and damaging cars in the area.

Gene J. Di Filippo, Edgewater Park Township's Police Chief, posted on the department's Facebook page on April 7 regarding the "putting them in a coffin" fad that has gone viral recently.

Di Filippo cited nighttime damage to vehicles in the areas of North Garden Boulevard, Ivy Street, and the Woodlane Crossing Apartments as examples of this "ridiculously stupid act."

"Putting them in a coffin" refers to someone who jumps and lands flat on a surface, commonly a car parked on the street. It has become popular on social media sites such as YouTube and Vine.

Curfew in Edgewater Park is 10 p.m. according to the post, but the department only has two patrol cars out at those hours to cover a township of around 8,000 people that spreads just over three square miles.

Di Filippo added that the eyes and ears of Edgewater Park citizens would be integral to catching and charging anyone involved in these offenses.

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