‘It's Not a Good Idea': New Jersey State Police Joins Movement Against Handgun Cell Phone Case

"It’s something we have to deal with, but don’t want to deal with."

Those are the words from Sgt. Jeff Flynn of the New Jersey State Police referring to a controversial cell phone case that looks exactly like a handgun.

Sgt. Flynn told NBC10 that while his troopers haven’t encountered the cell phone case, he said they are trained to handle difficult situations that may arise.

According to Sgt. Flynn, his priority is training the public and educating them that the cell phone could create an unnecessary dangerous situation.

“It’s not a good idea. It looks real, and it could put people’s lives in danger,” Sgt. Flynn explained.

While he acknowledged that the product is not illegal, Sgt. Flynn would advise consumers to avoid buying that particular cell phone case.

“We very publicly advise people not to use product, not to buy the product. It could put friends and family in danger.”

The case, which is used to protect smartphones, looks eerily similar to a handgun and has a replica handle and trigger. In one photo, the cell phone is tucked into an individual’s back pocket and appears to be a handgun with the butt of the gun hanging out.

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