New Jersey Police Use Souped Up Vehicle to Build Community Trust

The Gloucester Township Police Department is using a souped up SUV to take initiative in “building community trust beyond body cameras,” said Captain Brendan Barton.

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“2010 Gloucester Township Police Department implemented a community policing strategy involving a strong focus on creating partnerships and problem solving techniques to address social disorder," said Gloucester Township Police Department Chief Harry Earl.
Gloucester Township Police Department Captain Brendan Barton, Gloucester Township Police Department Chief Harry Earl and Gloucester Township mayor David Mayer all spoke at the press conference.
“We have entitled our approach as 3rd Gear Policing. The first gear being Suppression or Arrest which is certainly necessary in some situations. However, a police department's strategy must consist of approaches beyond arrest. A police department’s strategy must consist of a more holistic approach including the '2nd Gear' strategy of Prevention and the '3rd Gear' strategy of Intervention," said Chief Earl.
The department is taking initiatives in order to build trust due to the mistrust and protests in the nation today.

n“Just putting a body camera on the uniform without other changes... is not how you build trust,” said Chief Earl.
Along with other initiatives, the police department is using a new 25-foot enclosed police special service vehicle. The vehicle has a gaming system, social media command center and sporting equipment," said Chief Earl. The vehicle is pictured behind the chief.
“Crime has been greatly reduced since the implementation of our community policing model in 2010. The overall crime rate has fallen 34% and the violent crime rate has fallen 50% from 2010 through 2015," said Chief Earl.
Along with the new souped up SUV, the Gloucester Township Police Department is implementing volunteers, a new partnership with the Camden County College, a new simulator with a taser and pepper spray rather than just a firearm, police community liaison specialists, scholarship opportunities for those interested in a law enforcement career, body worn cameras and policy changes.
Chief Harry Earl said, "Here at Gloucester Township Police Department our entire policing philosophy now embodies these three gears because providing officers prevention and intervention opportunities helps build trust in our communities."
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