N.J. Spikes the Sauce

Taxes on wine and liquor go up tomorrow.

Drink up tonight Jersey, because it’s going to cost you more than a hangover tomorrow.
Taxes on wine and liquor go up 25 percent Saturday, throughout the state of N.J, making the last boozing days of summer on the Jersey Shore (and anywhere else in the state) a bit more costly.

Though the increase may be less than a penny a drink, the beverage industry says that distributors and consumers are going to feel the hit.

Starting Saturday, distributors will be paying $5.50 more per gallon of the liquor and 87 cents more per gallon of wine, according to the Associated Press.

It means a 1.75 liter bottle of vodka will have an additional 51 cents added on.

These costs to distributors will be handed down to consumers.

It may sound miniscule, but it’s not.

The state is planning to get $22 million more from your change purse, leaving the rest of us drunk and a little poorer.

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