New Jersey

South Jersey High School Students Organize Protest Following Layoffs

A group of students have organized a protest and are hoping to have their voices heard after 53 Penns Grove High School employees in New Jersey were laid off at the beginning of May.

Students, teachers, and faculty of all five schools in the Penns Grove-Carneys Point Regional School District will be marching in what they are calling the 'Red Devil March' outside the district's offices Monday at 4:30 p.m.

On May 1, the Board of Education voted to lay off 53 employees, all of whom are teacher aides, which caused a backlash from several students.

The organizers of the march are calling on students, faculty and other members of the community from surrounding districts to join them.

The protest comes on the day that the school board will finalize their budget.

Students had originally planned a walkout during school. However, students say they were told anyone who participated would be suspended, unable to attend prom, and not be allowed on any school trips the remainder of the year.

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