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WATCH: Video of NJ Girl Receiving Promise Ring from Boyfriend Goes Viral

A Facebook video captured a priceless moment between a boyfriend and girlfriend. The video shows Danny Griffiths, who has Down Syndrome, giving his girlfriend Ashley Greenhalgh, who also has Down Syndrome, a promise ring at her 21st birthday and graduation celebration. 

“My heart was so full. It was 100 percent happiness. A lot of tear jerking moments but I couldn’t be any more happy for her,” said Ashley’s sister Courtney Greenhalgh, who recorded the heartwarming moment, which has gone viral.

Danny and Ashley met at Kingsway Learning Center in Moorestown, NJ. and have been dating for two years. Danny saved up money from his three jobs to present a promise ring to Ashley at her party.

In the video Ashley’s joy is palpable when she receives the ring.

“Oh my god, Danny! It’s a ring," she screams. 

“My family and I are just so touched to be able to spread this video to the world and our local community. For Ashley to put a smile on people’s face virtually is amazing because when she walks in she always lights up a room” Courtney said.

In the future, Danny and Ashley are hoping to get married.

“They are just so smitten with each other and they are in it for the long haul," Courtney said. "They are being smart and conservative with their decision of the promise ring but we firmly encourage them down the road to get married to each other. They are just taking it one day at a time.”

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