New Jersey Girl, 8, Writes to President Trump: ‘I feel Sad That the Eagles Can't Come to the White House'

Olivia Brill of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, couldn't take sitting by and watching all the news coverage. She decided to take President Trump's slight against her beloved Eagles into her own hands.

Eagles fans are raised bleeding green, and one little girl from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, felt so upset about President Donald Trump's decision to rescind a White House invitation to her team that she wrote a letter to the president.

After voicing her concerns about the issue with her mom, eight-year-old Olivia Brill was given the suggestion to write the president. 

In a letter entitled "Dear President Trump," Olivia shares her thoughts about him disinviting her favorite team.

Lauren Brill
Note written by Olivia Brill, 8, of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. She wrote to President Donald Trump following his decision to cancel the celebration of the Philadelphia Eagles' super bowl victory at the White House. | See Larger

"I feel sad that the Eagles can't come to the White House anymore. I mean, they worked so hard to win the Super Bowl. Don’t you think they deserve to come?" Brill wrote.

The family sent the letter to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on Tuesday.

Her letter is a simple gesture from a non-political family, according to her mother, Lauren Brill.

Lauren said she is a teacher and her husband is a lawyer. Neither, she said, is politically active.

Eagles fans everywhere have voiced their opinions surrounding the White House controversy, and discussion is certain to continue in the near future.

She summed up the letter with a simple proposition to Trump: "Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel?"

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