2 Judges Hire Wives as Secretaries

They say that the most important factor in getting a job nowadays is who you know. “They” weren’t kidding.

The wives of Montgomery County Court Judge Paul Tressler and Judge-elect Gary Silow were both hired as their husbands' secretaries -- one getting $52,721 annual salary, and the other getting a $13,000 raise, according to the Inquirer.

 While many are understandably crying nepotism, Silow himself stated that his wife is completely qualified for the position.

“My wife has been my secretary and my paralegal for 20 years and she is extremely competent,” said Silow to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “She would be my first choice for the job.”

Though Montgomery County has barred nepotism in hiring, the rule doesn’t legally apply to judges since they are state employees and not on the county payroll.

The County Salary Board approved the appointments on Thursday in a 3-2 vote, according to the Inquirer. 

Coincidentally, a Philadelphia city task force recommended a ban on nepotism and sex between city workers and bosses Thursday.

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