New Delaware County Bike Lanes Further East Coast Greenway, Circuit Trails

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Circuit Trails and East Coast Greenway are being expanded with new bike lanes.
New bike lanes are being opened in Marcus Hook, with plans to expand the Circuit Trails and East Coast Greenway.
The new bike lanes are a part of the Marcus Hook Streetscape Improvement Project and extend both the East Coast Greenway as well as the Circuit Trails.
When it is finished, the Greenway will be more than 3,000 miles long, extending along the East Coast.
The project will also further one of America’s largest trail networks, the Circuit Trails, multi-purpose trails that span nine counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey,. There are already more than 320 miles of trails completed and there will be 750 miles of regional trails when the expansion is done..
Bike lanes are not the only part of the Marcus Hook Streetscape Project. ADA ramps, parking meters, sidewalks, crosswalks and new trees are included in the project.
The ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the Marcus Hook Streetscape Improvement Project took place June 8, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. Community members gathered at the Marcus Hook Borough Municipal Building to celebrate the 1.45-mile bike lane.
Marcus Hook Borough Mayor Gene Taylor and East Coast Greenway Mid-Atlantic Coordinator Andrew Hamilton led the celebration.
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