Neighbors Fear for Kids' Safety as Sandusky Watches Playground: AG

Prosecutors want Jerry Sandusky's house arrest to mean that he must stay indoors, as neighbors report him watching a playground from his deck.

Jerry Sandusky has been sitting on the deck of his house watching children in a nearby school playground, neighbors tell authorities. State prosecutors are requesting that he be forced to stay indoors.

Sandusky’s deck overlooks an elementary school, which is less than 50 yards away from his house. He has been on house arrest since December.

"To think that he's up there, watching our kids and that's his new outlet, that's just creepy," Anna Hassan, a neighbor of Sandusky's, told NBC News in an interview. 

The Attorney General’s office is requesting that bail conditions be tightened for the former Penn State coach who faces 52 counts of child sex abuse, based on Sandusky’s neighbors “grave concerns,” according to the Attorney General’s office.

Because neighbors and school officials have both alerted authorities to Sandusky allegedly sitting outside and watching school children play, prosecutors are asking a judge to further restrict his bail conditions by barring the man from “leaving the walls of his house for any reason" other than to be accompanied by a court officer, according to court documents.

While state prosecutors are trying to get a judge to tighten the reins on Sandusky’s movements, Sandusky’s attorney Joe Amendola is asking a judge to ease up. Sandusky has asked permission to meet, e-mail and text with his minor grandchildren, according to court documents.

In rebuttal, prosecutors write in court documents that an ex-wife of one of Sandusky's sons "strenuously objects to her three minor children having any contact whatsoever with the defendant."

Sandusky also wants to be able to leave his house to accompany a private investigator to identify the homes of potential witnesses in the case, the Attorney General’s office confirmed.

"House arrest is not meant to be a house party," state prosecutors write in their court filing.

According to prosecutors, the two sides will meet for a hearing on the bail terms Friday.

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