Neighborhood Kids Build 10-Foot Snowman

Jess Gorczycki

We received many photos of snowmen from NBC10 viewers throughout the day. But none quite as massive as the one we got from Jess Gorczycki, of the Pennfield section of Havertown.

“The neighborhood kids and families asked me to send this of the snow day,” Gorczycki wrote to us. “He’s really 10 feet tall!”

NBC10 reached out to her to learn more about what went into building the huge snowman. It turns out it was a real community effort.


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“All the men in the neighborhood, all the dads, got together and lifted all the pieces,” Gorczycki said. “The kids made all the body parts.”

Gorczycki did her part to help, lending the big fella her scarf.

“That’s actually a scarf I brought back from Japan,” she said.

Gorczycki was sure to name all the kids who helped build it. Her own daughter, Chloe Tobin, Sean Brown, Erin, Jack and Paige Stadnicki, John Meyer, the Ko siblings, the Penza siblings and the Santoro brothers.

“It only took them about an hour and a half,” Gorczycki said. “They had made another one, a seven-footer earlier. So this was the icing on the cake.”

Gorczycki also gave credit to the neighborhood dads who did all the heavy lifting.

“Kudos to the neighborhood dads,” she said. “It just goes to show you the importance of a father.”

According to Gorczycki, the snowman is just another example of how well the tightknit community works together.

“It’s a nice little neighborhood,” she said. “Everyone gets along and works together. We shovel each other’s driveways, watch each other’s kinds and then they just built this giant snowman.”

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