Neighborhood Disgusted Over Racist Graffiti

Hateful messages against African-Americans, President Obama and police left on homes

Homeowners in one South Jersey community woke up Monday to find messages of hate scrawled on their homes.

More than a dozen homes were vandalized in a development located along Sykesville Road in Williamstown, N.J., residents told NBC Philadelphia.

Swastikas and messages like "F--- Obama and every n-----," "I hate negros" and "F--- da police" were spray painted onto a white fence running the length of the development. Some homeowners also reported tags on their patios, police said.

"I really don’t think it reflects the community," said Jerri Woods. "It think it's just someone driving through and wanting to do something hateful."

A viewer sent in photos of the graffiti to Monday morning showing the hateful messages written in black paint.

Residents of the diverse community expressed their shock and anger over the messages.

"It's 2010, just wake up, you know, we're all one," said one woman.

We found many homeowners scrubbing their portion of the fence trying to remove the words.

Monroe Township Police say they've been in contact with residents as they try to find those responsible.

"You know what, grow up," is the message Patricia Woods has for the taggers. "This is a beautiful neighborhood, why trash it?"

The investigation is continuing, but anyone with information is asked to call police at 856.728.9800.

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