Man Shoots Neighbor With Bow and Arrow: Police

A New Jersey man's accused of shooting his neighbor in the back with a bow and arrow.

Anthony Giovannini had just parked his car and was walking into his home Thursday night when he felt a thud on his back. He told police it felt like he'd been hit with a rock.

He glanced back and saw his neighbor, Robert A. Wood, Jr. going into his home. The two had been arguing, apparently for some time, over parking.

Giovannini, 35, opened his front door and that's when he noticed the arrow sticking out of his back, according to Trenton police.

It was stuck three to four inches deep. Giovannini yelled for his girlfriend who called 911 to get him to hospital.

When police got to the scene at Franklin Street and Morris Avenue they arrested Wood and confiscated two bows. He's charged with aggravated assault and a weapons offense.

Giovannini was treated and then kept at the hospital for observation. He was in stable condition Friday morning.

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