A Disease Every Man Fears

Terry Ruggles, a reporter for Philadelphia's own NBC 10, has been battling testicular cancer and sharing his story with the world.

Ruggles says it came out of nowhere. He goes on a 3 mile, daily run and suddenly felt pain.  He figured it was from a pulled muscle.

But, that wasn't the case. Ruggles found a hard spot on one of his testicles in the shower and knew something wasn't right.  So, he got it checked out.

Since then, he's had blood tests, ultra-sounds and X-rays that have all pointed to the same thing: testicular cancer.

 He underwent surgery, and now is considering whether to procede with chemotherapy.

 Today, 5% of men with testicular cancer die. Back in 1970, 25% of men were dying from it.

A confident Terry Ruggles puts it best: "Cancer is treatable and beatable."

He wants everyone to know, though, the cancer grows rapidly and can double in size in 2 to 4 weeks making time the key factor in detecting and treating cancer.


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