George Floyd

NBC10 Presents “Race in Philly: One Year Later” on Tuesday, May 25

Live news special marks one-year anniversary of George Floyd's murder


NBC10 will air “Race in Philly: One Year Later,” a 30-minute, live news special in partnership with The Philadelphia Tribune on Tuesday, May 25, at 7:30 p.m. ET. Hosted by NBC10 anchors Jacqueline London and Jim Rosenfield, the program marks the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death and is part of a series of news specials designed to advance the conversation about social injustice and racial disparities.

Tune in to NBC10 on Tuesday, May 25, for "Race in Philly: One Year Later"

“Race in Philly: One Year Later” will examine what has altered over the past year since George Floyd’s murder, as well as the progressive steps being taken in the City of Philadelphia. The program will feature a commemoration of George Floyd, it will explore how policing has changed in the past year and how the POC community is handling the ongoing trauma after Floyd’s death. The show will feature various local news stories, including:

  • How the Black community is dealing with the ongoing trauma of seeing viral videos of Blacks being killed, even after George Floyd’s murder;
  • A spotlight on West Philadelphia businesses that were heavily affected after the civil unrest that ensued last May; and
  • A look at how educators are teaching students and having discussions with them about George Floyd’s murder and the Chauvin conviction in school.

“Race in Philly: One Year Later” will air live on NBC10. It will also be livestreamed on and the free NBC10 app. It will also be available for streaming on demand via the NBC10 app on Roku and Apple TV.

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