NBC10 Announces New Partnership With WHYY

NBC10 announces its new partnership with local non-profit news organization, WHYY.

NBC10 Philadelphia announced today a new partnership with WHYY, a leading hyper-local non-profit news and media organization.

WHYY and NBC10 will join together to create new and innovative methods to gather and report the news.
“I think this partnership with WHYY gives us amazing opportunity to reach a broader audience.  I think it’s a great opportunity just to tap into a whole new set of eyes and viewership,” said Chris Blackman, NBC10 News Director and Vice President of News.

WHYY, an NPR affiliate, provides local news through television, radio, and its new expanded news and information Web service, Newsworks.org.  WHYY is Greater Philadelphia’s leading public media provider, providing news to Southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and all of Delaware for more than 50 years.

“We think what we bring to news gathering and what NBC brings are very complimentary," said WHYY’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Kyra McGrath. "NBC10 has a tremendous reach in this region beyond our reach. So we think each partner can bring something to the other.” 

NBC Owned Television Stations entered into agreements to create new and innovative cooperative news gathering and reporting arrangements with locally-focused, non-profit news organizations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia.
The model for the new arrangements is based on the success of an existing partnership between NBC San Diego and non-profit news organization voiceofsandiego.org.

According to NBC, the partnerships will help the stations cover more news and better conduct investigations in the cities.

The partnerships are a result of NBC’s longstanding commitment to localism and NBC’s new owner Comcast promising to set up partnerships with at least five NBC local owned and operated stations.

“Over the last several months, we’ve made significant investments in our 10 stations to boost our news gathering capabilities and deliver the best local news and information in the marketplace,” said Valari Staab, President of the NBC Owned Television Stations. “Our new partnerships will complement these efforts, giving us even more resources to enterprise stories that are important to our viewers in the communities we serve and helping us offer even more diverse programming and viewpoints. They will also offer an even larger platform for these non-profit news organizations to have their independent and diverse voices heard.”

The other three partnerships include:

ProPublica, New York
ProPublica (www.propublica.org) is an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest.  In 2010, it was the first online news organization to win a Pulitzer Prize and in 2011, ProPublica won the first Pulitzer awarded to a body of work that did not appear in print.  ProPublica is supported primarily by philanthropy and provides the articles it produces, free of charge, both through its own website and to leading news organizations selected with an eye toward maximizing the impact of each article.  Based in New York, ProPublica will work with all 10 NBC Owned Stations.

The Chicago Reporter

The Chicago Reporter (www.chicagoreporter.com) is an investigative news organization that publishes a website, blog and bi-monthly magazine.  It identifies, analyzes and reports on the social, economic and political issues of metropolitan Chicago with a focus on race and poverty.  The Reporter serves a wide, diverse and influential audience of policy makers and government officials, traditional and new media, social service providers, the academic community and members of the general public.  The Chicago Reporter will work with NBC 5 Chicago.

KPCC, Los Angeles
KPCC (www.kpcc.org) is Southern California Public Radio's flagship station, reaching more than 650,000 listeners every week in the Los Angeles area and Orange County with award-winning local news and public radio's signature programs.  KPCC's news is available online at www.kpcc.org along with public event schedules and membership information.  KPCC will work with NBC4 Los Angeles.

Click here to watch a NBCU Direct video featuring interviews with each station and non-profit organization.

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