‘National Grab Butt Day' Sparks Controversy, Conversation at Local Middle School

The junior high school's principal sent a letter to families, calling the situation "disrespectful."

A Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, middle school is responding to reports of inappropriate groping following some students' participation in "National Grab Butt Day," last Thursday.

In a letter to students and parents, Abington Junior High School Principal Daniel File said, "several instances of inappropriate touching were observed by students and were reported to school staff." 

The school increased security for the remainder of the school day after receiving complaints, File said. The Principal also condemned the incidents of inappropriate touching during a school-wide speech to students.

Students who participated in the events on Thursday were disciplined by the school administration, according to the letter.

Principal File also encouraged any students who were affected by the groping incident to report their experience to school officials if they had previously spoken up.

"We remain ready to address any inappropriate behavior and are committed to providing a safe and positive school environment," File wrote to parents.

The school has not received any additional word of touching or groping from students or staff since the initial reports on Thursday. 

The school plans to use the controversy to discuss responsibility and appropriate behavior as part of its P.R.I.D.E. program and neighborhood meetings.

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