Naked “Mr. Universe” Kicks in Neighbor's Door

Upper Chichester man said he was “Mr. Universe,” yelled “Happy New Year!” before running away

A man stripped down naked and kicked in the door of a neighbor’s house in Upper Chichester Monday night, declaring he was “Mr. Universe.”

He is facing charges of lewdness, indecent exposure and criminal mischief, police say.

Miguel Mateo Rodriguez, 27, startled a homeowner on the 400 block of Keanon Drive at about 11 p.m. Monday by busting through his door while wearing no clothes.

The homeowner called police after Rodriguez allegedly shouted “Happy New Year!” and ran out of the house, police say.

Police shined a spotlight on Rodriguez as he was walking down the block and he initially ran from them, reports the Delaware County Times.

Before Rodriguez surrendered to police with the threat of a stun gun, he shouted that he was “Mr. Universe,” reports the Delco Times.

Upper Chichester Police say that Rodriguez was taken to Crozer-Chester Medical Center and has not yet been released.

Because Rodriguez is still hospitalized, he has not yet been officially charged, police say.

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