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Mustard Challenge Raises Awareness for Childhood Cancer Treatment

A spicy new challenge is hitting the internet to bring attention to childhood cancer and the treatment of the disease.

No More Kids With Cancer, a non-profit dedicated to discovering safer, non-toxic treatments for children with cancer, is asking you to take The Mustard Challenge to help raise funds for their mission.

To join in on the challenge, film yourself eating a spoonful of hot mustard and challenge 4 friends to do the same or donate to The spicier the mustard, the better.

Post your video to your social media, tag your 4 chosen friends, set your post to “public” and include #MustardChallenge #NoMoreKidsWithCancer so the world can see your best spicy mustard reaction.

For more information on the Mustard Challenge, or to donate to No More Kids With Cancer, visit their website.

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