“Mummy Bandit” Arrested in Havertown Stakeout

"Mummy Bandit" arrested after showing up to bank with wife and kids, police say

The bank robber known as the “Mummy Bandit” was arrested Wednesday and has been turned over to the F.B.I., according to Haverford Police.

The robber -- identified as Hiram Adams -- is known for robbing area banks while wearing white gauze bandages on his face, has hit five banks in Philadelphia, Wyncote, and Wyndmoor from May through the end of July, according to the F.B.I. He is also accused of showing up at three additional banks.

Adams, 44, was allegedly spotted Tuesday outside the Alliance Bank on Township Road in Havertown. A bank employee saw the accused robber swathed in bandages and looking in the window, police say.

The employee called the police, who then staged a stakeout. The alleged bandit came back to the bank Wednesday with his wife and three young children and police arrested him on the spot.

"I immediately recognized him from his photos that were supplied to us by the F.B.I. and when he turned towards me I thought he was carrying a yellow bag he was carrying on all of his robberies and at that point I took him and his passenger into custody," Haverford Police Det. T.J. Long said.

An NBC Philadelphia viewer sent in home video of the arrest. In the video, you can see the Adams and his wife laying face down on the ground in front of a home as police cuff them.

Investigators say Adams had a knife on him, but was taken into custody without issue. They also say he was wearing the "Mummy Bandit's" signature bandages around his arms and ankles.

Sources say alleged bandit is cooperating with authorities and has already confessed to several robberies. He's expected to be charged with several counts of robbery and related offenses.

As for Adam's 2, 4 and 6-year old children, they've been released into the care of their material grandparents. The grandparents had no comment on the case.

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