Mummers Strut on New Year's Day Despite Extreme Cold

South Philadelphia won the String Bands competition while Jim Good of the Quaker City band won the String Band Captains competition.

Thousands of marchers braved bone-chilling temperatures and wind chills as they took part in the annual Mummers Parade on New Year's Day in Philadelphia.

South Philadelphia won the String Bands competition while Jim Good of the Quaker City band won the String Band Captains competition.

Parade organizers voted Saturday that the annual parade would take place as scheduled on Monday.

The city provided warming tents at the parade staging areas where Mummers stayed warm while waiting to march.

“The Mummers Parade is a New Year’s tradition that dates back almost 100 years,” said Assistant City Managing Director Leo Dignam. “Cold temperatures are nothing new. Over the years, we’ve experienced sub-freezing temperatures and worse. Where we can, we will take appropriate steps to help protect marchers against the elements, but I believe the overwhelming sentiment among the Mummers will be to move ahead, let them march, and keep this incredible folkloric Philadelphia institution alive.”

Mummers Strut on New Year's Day

As another precaution, the Mummers were able to keep their buses with them in the staging areas and along the parade route for performers to stay warm.

Spectators who were out in the cold found warmth at a cafe on Dilworth Park and another in the nearby SEPTA concourse. Along the parade route, the Kimmel Center at Broad and Spruce were open for those looking to warm up.

The Creative and Performing Arts High School (CAPA), located at Broad and Carpenter streets, was also open. Students sold hot chocolate and snacks in the grand hall during the parade for spectators looking to warm up. All proceeds from their sales will go to the school's musical budget.

The high temperature in Philadelphia on New Year's Day came in around 20 degrees. Frigid winds made it feel close to zero. During the parade, temperatures were in the teens.

The parade has been canceled or postponed in the past due to rain or snow, most recently in 2003. But the Mummers have marched in the cold in the past.

2018 Mummers Parade Results:

Fancy Brigade Results:

Comic Division Results:

String Band Division:

1. South Philadelphia
2. Quaker City
3. Woodland
4. Fralinger
5. Ferko
6. Uptown
7. Avalon
8. Aqua
9. Duffy
10. Hegeman
11. Polish American
12. Greater Kensington
13. Durning
14. Pennsport
15. Greater Overbrook
16. Broomall

String Band Captain:46

1. Jim Good (Quaker City)
2. Scott Wray (Fralinger)
3. Tom Robinson (Woodland)
4. Thomas D’Amore (Ferko)
5. Jake Kudrick (tied with Thomas D'Amore) (Duffy)
6. Denny Palandro (South Philadelphia)
7. John Baron (Hegeman)
8. Jamie Caldwell (Uptown)
9. Nick Magenta (Polish American)
10. Ken Maminski (Aqua)
11. William "Wild Bill" Razzano (Greater Overbrook)
12. Joseph Pomante (Durning)
13. Jeff Moyer (Greater Kensington)
14. Joe Accetta (Pennsport)
15. Carman Maniaci Sr. (Avalon)
16. Patrick Walton (Broomall)


1. Oregan NYA
2. Bryson NYB
3. O'Malley NYA
4. Cara Liom
5. Riverfront Mummers
6. Americans NYB
7. Pirates
8. Joey Howlett Jr. Sarns
9. Froggy Carr

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